SLBS first step. Fair financial games

It so happened that the creation of financial games with high chances of winning and a fair distribution of prize funds seems to be incredibly difficult and unprofitable for its creators.

Can you imagine, but it’s not true!

Let us introduce to you:

This is a platform where your chance of winning is higher than anywhere else and ranges from 10% to 20%, depending on the chosen game!

How is this possible? Very simple!

First of all, this is a game directly linked to the person’s wallet address who purchased the allocation in the next draw. This allocation gives one entry to the list of participants. The entire pool of collected funds, except for the required commission, is distributed among the winners!

At the same time, part of the commission is spent on burning project tokens and buyback — thereby increasing its value!

Participants and winners are always known (we will show the beginning and end of the wallet address), so you can easily ensure no fraud. As for the prize pool, everything is simple. Divided by the number of participants — it will always be equal to the allocation cost.

Our platform and this first game will become the simplest way to make money, without unnecessary complications such as analyzing the market, relying on the value of a particular coin, or gloomy contemplation of the bitcoin chart.

The first thing that we will discuss is the choice of the next blockchain and coins that will be added to our platform.

As the community grows, we plan to lunch other programs and financial games, which we would prefer not to announce for now to avoid getting ahead of us.

About Us

Unfortunately, we saw many customers hiding behind good intentions and brilliant ideas, deceived their community, and disappeared, taking all the funds raised. Interestingly, many of these customers quickly returned to the market with new ideas and projects, not too skillfully hiding who they were.

But people continue to go to them, carry money, in the hope of gems or incredible (and unrealizable) promises, over and over again burning and losing faith in DeFi.

It’s sad, and we want to fix it.

And of course, we want to make money by simultaneously developing our project and expanding its functionality, increasing the volume of the three primary entities of blockchain projects: money, people, functionality using our special programs.

Our main priority is honesty and openness to what we do to our community. We believe that the world of blockchain projects is tired of greedy scammers and a million staking and meme-tokens platforms copying each other.

The blockchain needs something as simple and reliable as the AK-47, something variable that will evolve in response to trust and community, like AR-15. Something to bring back people’s faith in DeFi. But for this, you need to change the game itself, returning to the origins.

That’s why we’re here.

We are here to create something long-lost, returning to the basics.

We are here to present transparent and wonderful FINANCIAL GAMES!



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