SLBS Ecosystem

3 min readJan 20, 2022

So, special programs, what are they, and why are they needed?

We are planning a series of posts, in each of which we will separately talk about each of the programs. There are 4 of them in total.

Community program

Loyalty program

Partnership program

and not actually a program, but in just a couple of lines, we will tell you why it is here:

Financial games

Together they form a single picture — SLBS Ecosystem.

And here, we will look at it in a little more detail.

So again, SLBS Ecosystem — what is it, and why is it needed?

This is a flexible quintessence of activities aimed at developing the interaction of our platform with users, users with partners, partners with our games, and games with any project in any blockchain or metaverse!

Wow! Head spinning, right? But all this is true. The bottom line is that the programs included in the SLBS Ecosystem also consist of concepts, each of which is one way or another intersects with the concepts of other programs. For example, the Partnership program is so flexibly intertwined with the Community program and Financial games that at some point, it becomes clear that we treat our partners as well as our community and respect our users as well as our partners.

This is not an accident.

The idea of ​​the SLBS Ecosystem was invented in Financial games, which, in the process of development, acquiring functionality and usability, created new concepts and internal interactions. And it turned out this way due to the fact that our team from the very beginning firmly attached to specific principles:

  • Simplicity;
  • Honesty and openness;
  • An opportunity to make a profit for any participant in the process, with high chances;

And this is not an empty phrase or some kind of marketing ploy. Even a quick glance at our project, how it is made, and what basis it has, you can understand that we do not hide anything and everything we do is aimed at observing these principles, which, alas, is instead an exception to the rule for the vast majority of cryptocurrency projects.

There were only Financial games from the beginning, and they were good.

Having created the main idea, we saw how flexible and scalable its implementation turned out to be. A game in which the prize fund is always 80% of the collected funds, and the chances of winning are from 10 to 20%, depending on the game, for each participant! One could develop in any direction with such an idea, and we did just that!

First, we enriched the main three principles with increased interest in our games and, as a result, raised the value of our coin, giving users an additional opportunity to earn a one-time large amount of money. This is how the Loyalty program was born.

Then we thought about how else can we please our users and entertain while maintaining interest in the platform? Having extensive experience launching blockchain projects, we have combined everything we have ever done on different projects into a single system, having thought through 3 concepts. Together they formed our invaluable Community program.

In the end, while working on the Expansion concept, we concluded that interest in it might arise not only among well-to-do users of our platform. After all, the scalability of our games and some of the concepts developed around them can help other projects create additional dynamics for their coins and users. Thus, developing ready-made ideas and simulating various scenarios, we have come to the crown of the development of our project. Partnership program!

Each of these programs and each concept that forms them are worthy of a separate article, and they will definitely be soon.

Stay with us because we have a million and one more ideas and no desire to keep them in ourselves!